Race-EP is Out Now

Hi guys!

I’m so excited, because I've finally been able to release original music for you all! I learned a lot about the music process and I had so much fun creating a new sound that felt in sync with my spirit. The process was tedious, from creating the beats, melodies, synths, and instrument sounds, to writing the lyrics to the stories that I wanted to tell. My producer Dan Ford, momager Maria Maia, and I were able put together this set of 5 songs. I hope you enjoy listening to the work that was created after countless amount of hours in the studio. Feel it and interpret it in your own way.

Much love,

The Emotional Arch

With my EP “Race”, I wanted to create an emotional arch that would take you on a journey of female power, love, break up, and second chances.

“Shadow of Love”, the first song on the EP, sets the mood with a broken relationship and a fake friendship unraveled through betrayal.
“Trust You With My Heart" is a new love coming into your life. It feels right, but there’s a caution tape still wrapped around your heart left from the fear of history repeating itself.
“Energy in Motion” represents letting go of that fear and letting this new love take you full force.
"Feel Alive" is when you start taking love for granted as time passes by, to the point that it leaves you. It’s that moment when you realize it means so much to you... You just have to bring it back. Even if that means asking for a second chance.
“Race" is about female power, self-love, strength, and unity. It was important for me to write a song about this topic. Females face a lot of challenges, living in a man’s world. The division between women themselves is what makes these challenges even harder. I wanted to encourage women to self-love, and respect each other more. Together, we are powerful. Not only can we make a positive impact on this world, but we can slay and enjoy ourselves a whole lot more if we just come together as one.


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